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                2019-03-20 10:57:36

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                Joan Alexander’s short stories do not shy away either from the gritty, ...(In)Visible Images: Seeing Disability in Canadian Literature, 1823-1974 by ...  普通

                A tall but shy man, he came from a small country farm at Moonbah, "...He described how in 1823 "in the City of Cork, Ireland, Margaret Bourke...  普通

                2010年5月1日 - of ASME, 78, 1823 (1956). W. J. Minkowycz and E. M. Sparrow, J....E.M.A. Elbashbeshy and M.A.A. Bazid, J. Phys. D: Applied Physics...  普通

                Hematological analysis of Micropogonias Furnieri, Desmarest, 1823, Scianidae,...Natashy S. B. deMaranhoLuciane AlvesKirschbaumAline A.RanzaniPaiva...  普通

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